private housing

private housing

Last chance to respond to Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulations Consultation

08 January, 20180 Comments
Private rental sector landlords still have one more day to respond to this consultation, which closes tomorrow (9th Jan, 2018 at 11:45pm). Introduced on 1st October 2015, the Government’s Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations were updated to protect private tenants from death or injury caused by smoke and carbon monoxide poisoning in the
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Supporting and upskilling the UK’s landlord community

15 February, 20170 Comments
Direct Line for Business has featured as an expert contributor to its ‘Rental Road’ digital information hub; an interactive collection of articles and resources to support the UK’s landlord community. Direct Line for Business recognised Paul Routledge and as: “providing a great resource for landlords and tenants alike.  As pioneers in improving the safety
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Move in check list for tenants

17 January, 20170 Comments
Prior to moving into your new home there is certain documentation that your new landlord is required to provide: A Gas Safety Certificate. Deposit Protection Scheme paperwork. A fire safety label on any furniture that has been provided. An Energy Performance Certificate. A copy of the Government’s How to Rent guide (either a link or printed
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‘Pop-up brothels’ country-wide problem for residential landlords in the UK

06 January, 20170 Comments
A recent TR Group forum post has alerted us to the increasing problem of privately rented properties across the UK being used illegally as ‘pop-up brothels’. Yesterday, a forum post started back in October 2016 was resurrected by a TR Group landlord subscriber who stated: Nick: ‘This seems to be a growing problem in the
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Alarming statistic suggests almost 4 out of 5 student tenants do not sign an inventory

21 November, 20160 Comments
The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) have raised concern around the apparent lack of tenants signing inventories, after an ‘alarming statistic’ recently published by suggests that almost four out of five (79%) of student tenants do not sign an inventory when they move in to a privately rented property. Best letting practice guidelines
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What is Selective Licensing in the private rented sector?

14 September, 20160 Comments
Under the Housing Act 2004, local authorities currently have powers to introduce selective licensing of privately rented homes to address problems in their area, or any part of them, caused by one or more of the following conditions: low housing demand (or is likely to become such an area) a significant and persistent problem caused by
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LANDLORD & AGENT WARNING over butane use to produce super-strength cannabis

08 August, 20160 Comments
A highly-dangerous new method of making super-strength cannabis is emerging in Britain, police and firefighters say. BHO or butane hash oil uses large amounts of the flammable gas, which can explode with devastating consequences. A BBC investigation has learned of two deaths and 27 people being injured across the UK since 2014, as a result
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‘Lost decade’ of building means England now 1 million homes short

26 March, 20140 Comments
An average of just 115,000 new homes have been built since a major housing report warned a decade ago that at least 210,000 new homes a year would need to be built in England, to prevent a worsening housing crisis. According to the author of the original government-commissioned report, Kate Barker, it means that the country
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