Free online anti social behaviour reporting system for private renting tenants

Free online anti social behaviour reporting system for private renting tenants

The National Landlords Code of Excellence Ltd have launched a free anti social behaviour reporting system for private renters in the UK.

In the year ending June 2015, 67% of the Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) incidents categorised by the police were identified as nuisance; 26% as personal; and 6% as environmental.

The new set of 3 simplified categories for ASB, introduced in March 2012, are categorised as:

  1. “Nuisance” captures incidents where an act, condition, thing or person causes trouble, annoyance, irritation, inconvenience, offence or suffering to the local community in general rather than to individual victims.
  2. “Personal” captures incidents that are perceived as either deliberately targeted at an individual or group, or having an impact on an individual or group rather than the community at large.
  3. “Environmental” captures incidents where individuals and groups have an impact on their surroundings, including natural, built and social environments.

It is a well known fact that over 80% of those who actively participate in anti-social activity rent their homes in the UK, therefore private landlords play an important role in tackling anti-social behaviour within their communities.

  • But what if a landlord doesn’t know about these problems?

  • How can they address them if they are unaware of the situation?

They should be able to rely on their tenants to report these kind of issues, but many good tenants don’t bother reporting these issues to their council. The majority of the time it’s because they are apathetic about their local authority actually doing anything or for fear of retaliation from whoever they are reporting.

This is why the NLCE now offer good tenants a free Anti Social Reporting option.

It also takes the lengthy process away from local authorities, to let them get on with doing what they do best. We all want safe and harmonious communities – The NLCE ASB Reporting system helps us all achieve this goal, together.

See how easy it is to report an ASB issue by clicking here.

Who are the NLCE Ltd?

The NLCE works with local councils, landlords and agents around the UK to make sure that the statutory requirements of a landlord are met in full.

So how does the anti social behaviour reporting system work?

This (free) Anti Social Behaviour Reporting System allows tenants to accurately notify their landlord of any ASB issues they are having within their neighbourhood. Once the report has been sent, their landlord will be able to answer them to try and help with the situation. If the landlord owns the neighbouring property, they will be able to liaise with the other tenants to try and resolve the matter. If the problem is in another rented property the NLCE will try to locate the landlord to make them aware of the problem, and if the issue is outside of a property the NLCE will inform the council and/or police to see if they can help to resolve the problem; by notifying the relevant authorities.

The primary objective of this system is that there is a paper trail backing up both the landlord and their tenant in any disputes over anti-social behaviour. Plus, a landlord cannot say they have never received a complaint from their tenant about a specific ASB issue.

What else can the NLCE do for tenants?

As the NLCE grows it plans to offer more educational help to tenants about issues; such as how to deal with general maintenance issues themselves. Moreover, partnered with Tenant Referencing UK, if tenants conducts themselves correctly throughout their tenancies they will create a better Tenant History to enable them to secure better accommodation in the future.

The NLCE believe that better understanding of these issues will lead to a better relationship between tenants and their landlords from the beginning.

For further information please telephone: 0800 9994 994 (Option 6) or email:

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