Taking Non-Paying Tenants to Court.

Taking Non-Paying Tenants to Court.

PART 1;  Further to comments posted requesting a guide to recovering debts from tenants I enclose a series of articles I have written to assist with closing this knowledge gap. Here’s the first installment. – See more at:  CLICK TO VIEW PART (1)

PART 2;  In part 1 here I covered Default Judgement which occurs when you request Default Judgement fifteen days after the date of service. This can be done if you judgement is ignored, the tenant no longer lives at the address, or has ignored you. This article covers when they defend. What happens next. – See more at: CLICK TO VIEW PART (2)

 PART 3; I’m not an expert. I’m old enough to realise that I won’t know everything about anything there will always be someone who knows something I don’t. I like to call on the ‘collaborative mind’ that is the experience of many – a bit like the Mastermind Group from Napolean Hill’s great book Think and Grow Rich. I have used this to my advantage when taking clampers to court and successfully using forums to cover other perspectives that I may have missed, by posting my case I’m sure that I’ll benefit more people than trying to be the Lone Ranger and trying to work out all the moves by myself. – See more at:  CLICK TO VIEW PART (3) 


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