LRS Customer Testimonials

LRS Customer Testimonials


Note: LRS (Landlord Referencing Services) is a trading name for Tenant Referencing

“Absolute proof that LRS does work – all landlords and letting agents, please read this …” Click here to read on

“Thank You LRS & Rybec Homes! The properties are now LET & within two weeks of advertising them…” Click here to read on.

“LRS is where it’s at!” – Click here to read on.

“The whole world needs LRS.” – Click here to read on.

“8.17pm on a Sunday evening – what excellent service! Thank you.” – Click here to read on.

My Letting Agent told me the tenant was fine, the LRS/Equifax report told me a different story – Click here to read on.

Oh how I wish I had found this site before I took the last tenant – Click here to read on.

NATIONAL/BJ/071113 – “..national alert will help prevent a successful tenancy application going forward..” – Click here to read on.

Mislead Landlady glad she did a lifestyle reference.. – Click here to read on.



  1. I particularly like the forum site, loads of good topical advice and comment without someone just going off on a rant. Real practical advice and real solutions offered. Well done to all contributors.

  2. LRS provide a wonderful FREE platform for landlord and tenants to discuss and share issues affecting them. They are then posted on Twitter which helps to spread this information to a wider audience. The value of the additional PAYG referencing services is amazing. Thank you Paul for a service, which can benefit all landlords and tenants, with your own money

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  4. From the LRS News/Guest Blog Archive April 30th 2013 :

    via Mary Latham @landlordtweets :

    ” For years Landlords have told me that we need a black list of bad tenants and I have always had to tell them that would not be legal. I am so please that Landlord Referencing took the trouble to find a way and at the same time found a way for a good tenant “list” too. The new initiative is brilliant in a year now I will be happy to say “Remember how hard they worked to get us all to help each other and now it is the norm for all landlords. ”

    RE: [EXCLUSIVE] Council agree major re-structure of HMO licence fees

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  6. The landlord referencing service can help make sure that the tenants that we choose are not just financially sound, but also going to be the type of tenants that give us no trouble. After having issues in the past with tenants who passed the ID and finance checks but turned out to be a total nuisance and tried to leave us with over a thousand pounds of unpaid electricity bills, then using such a system will make sure that we can avoid that type of tenant in the future. The most important thing I’ve learnt so far from LRS is how important it is to verify tenants national insurance numbers as a means to pursue them if they moonlight. Although I think that there is room for improvement in the design and flow of the website I whole heartedly support the LRS team.

  7. Just a quick email to thank Paul Rout after I tweeted him with a question that I was debating over the correct ethical answer .I have recently started my own letting business, after working for 15 years for a very large company, now being by myself you need another perspective on difficult questions. With my permision Paul posted the questionon onto the LRS formum as a topic of discussion. The answers that came back clarified the decision I had come to . Many thanks Paul it is good to know yourself and the LRS is there as a solid bumper to bounce off difficult issues..Thanks again

  8. I can see now that once one understands a report, there is so much information there to do with what the applicant has or more importantly has NOT told us. I am quite happy with the report, am consequently taking more details from tenants and my referencing is becoming more thorough. Marvellous!

  9. With Councils not working with LRS and private Landlords it becomes evidently
    clear that they want private Landlords to provide housing for ALL with their
    current / new laws and legislation – irrelevant if they are HB / bad tenants /
    Antisocial / non rent payers or have caused damage etc… ( If they can
    achieve this then it is a service that they will not have to provide ) they
    also want US to provide it to a very high standard, one which they could not

    They are going to charge us excessively more than is required for this
    “privilege” and make excess money from us !!! if we get it wrong they are also
    going to fine us excessively for it and make even more money from us !!! …..

    So we will do their job for them, endure the stress caused by bad tenants and
    their Anti social behaviour, we will follow procedure and evict tenants by the
    book and lose out on 6 months rent whilst paying the mortgage and other bills on
    the property and if we make any money we will pay our income tax !!

    Newport has a dedicated Rogue Landlord Hotline for Tenants !!! ( Not one for
    Bad Tenants and I’m sure your not surprised at that !!! )

    Mmmm…… not a road I think most Landlords would want to continue on…..

    Time to rethink our future !!! A solution is required or private Landlords
    will diminish !!!

  10. ‘We actually had not heard of LRS until November 2012, when we bumped into Paul and Samii at a non descript Midlands hotel on the way to the same lettings awards ceremony that they were going to. However, it is now an integral part of our tenant selection process. Any good letting agent should use their experience of the market, human nature and gut feeling to select tenants. I have had 20 plus years experience in the lettings profession and am also a landlord myself, and although I know I dont know it all, I felt I have a good idea of what made the perfect tenant. However, by using LRS it has added a new dimension to the service that we can offer our landlords.

    It now means that not only can we use our combined experience, a reputable referencing agency with rent guarantee, but we can actually help prevent our landlords taking someone else’s bad tenant as well. Its a great selling point to our clients, who love it. If you are a letting agent thinking of signing up, I would say what do you have to lose? We all have had what on the surface seems a great tenant, fabulous credit check and references, but then it all goes horribly wrong, and they stop paying the rent or just as bad, damage the landlord’s property and you find out via various means that they have done this to another landlord or letting agent, resulting in loss of rent to the landlord, loss of fees for you, hassle and sometimes even losing a client over it. By signing up to LRS, you can actually help prevent that happening – meaning more happy landlords and letting agents. Just as importantly, you stop bad tenants dead in their tracks, and you can also register the details of your great tenants as well, thereby pretty much guaranteeing they will always be able to find a home.

    So what do you have to lose?’

  11. As Letting and Managing agents covering all BS postcodes, we are aware that not all references are accurate. This of course presumes that the tenants have not told white lies saying they are living with their parents.
    The beauty of LRS is that the record that a person has rented with another landlord is checked against their Date of Birth. You can then contact their landlord and get the facts, from the horses’ mouth so to speak.

    We upload all our tenants, GOOD and BAD.

  12. I am a tenant, The reasons I vote them the best is for none of the above reasons.
    After saving with Nationwide building Society for 50 years I would have voted them the excellent until they ditched experience and loyalty in favour of using gigo computer technologies such as credit rating agencies who did not even know of me!

  13. Landlords have bills to pay too! :0)
    Bad tenant uploaded

  14. I sincerely hope nobody else has to deal with our tenants, they really were the tenants from hell.

  15. I have just uploaded 2 tenants from hell & 1 excellent tenant who I wish was still in my property. I’m slowly navigating my way round the site & I’m beginning to appreciate the value of the available data. The days are long gone when landlords could evict or remove bad tenants ,the whole system has moved completely in the opposite direction in favor of the professional streetwise scamster tenant.
    How long it will take for common sense to prevail is anyone’s guess, but rest-assured it will get far worse before any government department comes up with creditable legislation!

  16. Hi cc14

    LRS is effectively free to stop one another from taking each others bad tenants and is primarily a community who swap information in order to protect one another.
    We have allowed these posts because we believe it is important to be transparent and address your concerns.
    It is important to understand that is not an unemotional credit referencing service, we are about community and sharing, and if this is what you are looking for you may be in the wrong place.
    Lifestyle referencing is all about interacting and making the private rented sector a better place by taking part within our forums and making your voice heard as a diligent and competent landlord or letting agent.
    In order to assist one another in achieving a better PRS, a better website and a slicker system for all we believe this cannot come from simply posting negative comments about the entire website and grading it on a o% basis.
    LRS is about caring landlords who want to do better and improve their community and not about slating one another.
    LRS is run by landlords for the benefit of landlords and the staff of LRS have put in masses of time and their own money to do just that. Those that do not contribute in a positive and proactive way and are intolerant enough to post things like this at their first attempt of the website worsen the perception of all landlords of this country being rogues.
    We appreciate constructive feedback, and have already addressed the following:
    – The “activate your account” page has now been updated to make it clear about what it is for.
    – Once the form has been filled out we have added a link to make it easier to get back to the form to continue uploading the 5 tenants needed to activate LRS accounts for free.
    – The “Tenants” option on the main menu has now been changed to “Services 4 Tenants” to prevent further confusion.
    – We have passed the Avatar problem onto our technical team, who are currently working on this to rectify the current situation.

    With regards to a faster way to upload details we understand that it may be cumbersome to upload each tenant individually (for those that have hundreds of tenants) and have also taken this into consideration. We hope to add this feature in the future, but because we are not a corporate company and offer our Lifestyle Referencing services for free and our credit referencing products at the lowest possible price we rely on members input and support to keep the service going.

  17. Another point for your web developers: Please consider the landlord who may have dozens of tenants to upload. Your current portal design makes it so time consuming to upload those details, many may not bother. A faster way to upload tenants details, by .xls or .docx file perhaps?

  18. Somebody at LRS needs to think through and follow the process for new users in all scenarios. I rate my experience here as 0/10, but because I trust your sincerity and WANT to support you, I persevered. Others may not.

  19. Your site is both buggy and ill considered in narrative for links, and links themselves. E.g. Tried to upload an avatar 3-4 times by both methods you offer, none work. Tried to upload 5 past tenants, but find no page for CURRENT landlords to do so and who want to ACTIVATE their account.

    My time is precious and it would be cheaper for me to buy references and not contribute any; that defeats the added value of your business model.

  20. many thanks for helping me to log in and use the system, great service

  21. I find web sites boring but this one is informative and helpful, plus I can email or call and the staff are so friendly. Being able to register tenants good or bad is such a good thing as it helps us all.

  22. LRS is quick and easy to use – and the additional full credit check is good value too. The more LL that use it the better so that the coverage of both good and bad tenants increases !

  23. Good to have a site which helps landlords find out what other landlords think of their prospective tenants. Need to ensure that as many landlords sign up as possible. Keep up the good work.

  24. LRS is amazing!!
    The community they/us are building is invaluable for LL’s and LA’s. Rybec Homes will never house a tenant without using LRS’ services and why would we? LRS has such a user friendly site, the whole process only takes a few short minutes and could potentially save LL’s thousands!! I have had instances in the past where LRS and their brilliant database have saved us from taking a wrongun, even when all other references have come back fairly good. So without LRS who knows what predicament we would be in by now.
    Every LL needs to be a part of LRS! With all the bad press the PRS receive we need to start taking action and protect ourselves because nobody else will.
    Kayleigh Tewkesbury
    Rybec Homes

  25. A good service for a good price. LRS should be known to and used by ALL landlords.

  26. LRS is the place to go for landlord help and security.
    I have checked out new tenants with LRS, We found one bad one so that saved us some money and hassle.
    Thanks for this super site. We hope more landlords will sign up.

  27. Amazing site. Alerts to problem and good tenants, relevant rental topics updated, sensible forum discussion without opinionated abuse, and more!

  28. Pleased to be leaving this comment. With so many official bodies on the side of the Tenant, its nice to know that LRS is somewhere that we Landlords can turn to to support each other. The forums are helpful too – a real sense of community. I don’t know how we managed to get by before LRS. Its a unique website.

  29. LRS is THE place to go for landlord security.
    We have had disasters in the past, which has made us very very careful about the tenants we accept in our properties. Not all agent checking is good (after all some just want to get the property rented). Since we have used LRS as a primary means of validating tenants, together with references, and ringing up their previous landlords, then (touch wood) all of our properties have good tenants which we get on with and who pay on the dot.
    My wife and I will continue to use LRS not only to filter out the bad lads on the way in, but to record those who have given us trouble in the past. (We know that posting your bad tenants has helped other landlords from experience)

    Do support LR; we do, and remember that Not all tenants are bad.


  30. Took possession of keys a couple of days ago and trawling through the mail that had built up over the months while the flat was for sale I noted lots of letters for the individual who would have been the last tenant.

    Well, a quick glance established that they owed money to credit cards, store cards, utilities, and the previous landlord …. so whoever had done the reference checks for this person probably wasn’t very thorough. Will be pleased to add the name to save some other poor landlord being afflicted with this obvious unscrupulous tenant.

    • Thanks Helen,

      That is what is all about landlords using the knowledge that we gather by whatever means to support and protect one another and in turn support our communities. At the Landlord & Letting show this week I was asked why we give credits to members for uploading applicant tenants?. Simple! If you have an applicant tenant you do not take I want to know why you did not take them and if you do take them as your next tenant then we want them uploaded onto the system from the beginning .