Tenant Histories

Tenant Histories

Tenant History Report

Tenant History Reports

Never take a bad tenant again with Tenant Referencing UK’s Unique Tenant History Reports.

Tenant Referencing UK is the only UK referencing company that provides its landlords and letting agents with their applicant Tenants History report FREE as standard with your Equifax Financial Report.

What is a Tenant History Report?

A Tenant History Report is the data we hold on your applicant tenant via Landlord Referencing.co.uk. The data has been provided by thousands of landlords and letting agents over the past seven years about both their good and bad previous tenants. By referencing a prospective tenant through our services or uploading your current tenants onto your Property Management Portal you are automatically creating and adding to their tenancy history.

Why are Tenant History Reports so important?

The more landlords and letting agents that join Tenant Referencing UK and reference using our services to upload your previous and current tenants- the more Tenant Histories are created.
This in turn will protect landlord and letting agents in the future when referencing tenants, you will no longer have to rely on what the tenant is telling you or not telling in some cases. You become part of your tenant’s history.

Uploading applicant tenants also prevents tenants from making multiple tenancy applications in order to use it for criminal activity; such as subletting, cannabis farms and prostitution rings.

How do Tenant Histories work?

Once you have become a member of Tenant Referencing UK, which is FREE; one of our team will give you a call to activate your account. Then when you are ready to reference a tenant you just simply go to the ‘Financial Report’ button on your dashboard. You then fill out the applicant tenant’s name, current address and date of birth and then both your Financial and Tenant History Report will be generated within six seconds and will be automatically stored in your report archive.

Equifax Financial Report Tenant Referencing UK         Tenant History Report Tenant Referencing UK


This speed of reply saves you both time and money in lost rent and voids as if the tenant’s employer/accountant/previous landlord is quick with their response then the applicant tenant can move into your property within a day or two.
Could it get any easier?

Just like our credit files give us better finance options – Tenant History Reports give good tenants better homes. This networking will help keep your properties, investments and incomes safer in the future.

Are Tenant Histories legal?

Yes, as no personal details are passed onto third party landlords or letting agents, just the information on the tenants previous landlord and if there were any rent defaults or property damage registered to that tenants LRS history.

Landlord Referencing.co.uk does not store data on a scoring system/ county court judgements and is fully registered with the ICO for data protection. If  you still have any questions? One of our fantastic team members will be happy to help and talk you through Tenant History Reports just call 0800 9994 994.

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