How To Increase Rent During a Tenancy

How To Increase Rent During a Tenancy

Section 13 Notice

The Housing Act 1988 makes it a requirement for a landlord to issue the tenant with a Section 13 notice if the increase in rent is not stated in the tenancy agreement and the tenant refuses to agree to the increased rent proposed.

The form giving notice of an increase in rent is required to be completed by the landlord. The form contains information on the rent increase and the starting date for the new rent proposed. It guidance notes for both landlord and tenant and is quite straightforward to complete.

If a landlord decides to increase the rent but does not issue a Section 13 notice then the tenant is not obliged to pay the increase in rent, unless stated in the tenancy agreement.  If a landlord later tries to gain possession based on unpaid rent arrears due to the increase, then the rent increases may not be accepted by the courts. There would not then be a possession order based on rent arrears and the possession order may be refused

 Information on Section 13

 Template for section 13    tenancyform4b


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