Rent Guarantee

Rent Guarantee

More tenants turning to National Debt line as they fail to pay the rent.

11 September, 20180 Comments
More tenants turning to national debt line as they fail to pay the rent. Uk landlords are facing a crisis as more companies are closing and making redundancies as debt problems in the UK are both growing and changing. At Tenant Referencing Uk we are hearing from more and more member landlords who have done
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Household debt has now overtaken credit as the main source of financial problems

22 August, 20180 Comments
Household debt has now overtaken credit as the main source of financial problems Today, the Citizens Advice Bureau released a press release revealing that “households have fallen behind on their essential bills, such as council tax and utilities, by an estimated £18.9 billion”. This means that household debt has now overtaken credit as the main
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Why are private landlords playing Russian Roulette with their rent? …

19 January, 20180 Comments
Question: Do you think your hard working tenants (even with the best referencing in the world), who have paid the rent on time for years, are safe?… If so, then please think again !! We say this because over the last 10 years the UK has seen a surge in larger companies going bust, announcing
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Welfare Reform via Universal Credit | New helpline for landlords launches

29 August, 20171 Comments
The Department for Work and Pensions has recently introduced a new helpline for landlords whose Universal Credit tenants will not communicate with them. Private landlords who find themselves unable to obtain the tenants co-operation to get DWP to supply information when it comes to enquiries about major payments, e.g. a direct payments to the landlord,
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5.8m households expected to rent privately by 2021

19 June, 20171 Comments
A new report has revealed that one in four UK households will be privately renting by the end of 2021. At the moment around 5m households (21%) are currently living in privately rented accommodation, a quarter of whom are families with children. As property prices continue to rise and wages stagnate, the annual report from estate
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Donate to Charity and Be in With the Chance of Winning a Prize

09 December, 20160 Comments
Donating to a worthy charity and being in with the chance of winning a great prize seems the perfect Christmas combination, and it’s now possible thanks to the latest competition from Just Landlords.   The specialist Landlord Insurance provider has launched its Christmas competition alongside Shelter to help prevent homelessness and give three lucky winners
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Rent Guarantee Insurance – Should I Renew?

03 August, 20160 Comments
Rent Guarantee Insurance – should I Renew? After reading this blog today about more and more landlords taking out rent guarantee insurance to protect themselves against non-paying tenants, I am surprised to see how many landlords are not renewing their RGI after the first year. When we call landlords the reasons they give for this
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Can benefit tenants be accepted for your rent guarantee insurance products?

02 June, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii I would like to take out a rent guarantee policy with for a tenant on benefits, is this possible? Is so, what criteria must they meet? Samii says Yes, at Tenant Referencing UK tenants in receipt of benefits have a chance of being insured for RGI through Rent Safe IF they have a guarantor. Guarantors for benefit
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