private renting tenants

private renting tenants

Free online anti social behaviour reporting system for private renting tenants

24 October, 20161 Comments
The National Landlords Code of Excellence Ltd have launched a free anti social behaviour reporting system for private renters in the UK. In the year ending June 2015, 67% of the Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) incidents categorised by the police were identified as nuisance; 26% as personal; and 6% as environmental. The new set of 3 simplified categories for
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Free online maintenance and repair tracking tool for private renting tenants

19 October, 20161 Comments
The National Landlords Code of Excellence Ltd have launched a free Property Maintenance and Repair reporting facility for private renters, to help tackle the age-old problem of maintenance/repair issues between tenants and their landlords. Maintenance is one of the more complex issues to define, particularly for private tenants and is one of the main reasons for deposit disputes
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40,000 private renting tenants abducted by aliens in 2015…

11 August, 20161 Comments
Britain’s Benefit Tenants returned last night for a new series on Channel 4, with yet more tales from the sharp end of the benefits system. With council housing stock shrinking and home ownership gradually decreasing, more tenants than ever before are finding themselves on benefits. So with many falling into rent arrears, agencies specialising in housing benefits
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If you raised the rent would your tenants fall into arrears ?

18 March, 20140 Comments
As the Chancellor puts the finishing touches to his Budget, due to be delivered tomorrow, coupled with the government stating that the UK’s economy is on the road to recovery – LRS would like to ask are your tenants flush or if you raised the rents would they fall into arrears? Business in the big
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As the amount of UK renters continues to rise tenants are now actively making lifestyle choices

15 March, 20140 Comments
Buy to let insurance firm Homelet have revealed new research that shows private renting tenants are having to make lifestyle changes due to increasing rents within the sector. The research shows that : PRS tenants paid an average 2.3% extra in rent payments The average buy to let rent in February stood at £818 Year-on-year
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PRS Rent arrears UK’s best kept secret

11 March, 20140 Comments
Rent Arrears are now the fastest growing debt dilemma in the UK, but are also the most hidden debt – especially for private renting tenants. For example: A recent report revealed a total of 10,606 tenants in the West Midland borough of Sandwell were in rent arrears – owing Sandwell council a combined £5.3m in
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Burglary project praised

01 July, 20130 Comments
A crime reduction initiative credited with halving burglaries on a Weston estate has been recognised at a police awards ceremony. The Bournville Burglary Initiative was created to respond to high levels of break-ins on the estate, which in 2011 accounted for 10% of the total burglary crimes across North Somerset. The project, led by Avon
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