Save money on boiler cover

Save money on boiler cover

As the cost pressures continue to mount for landlords, the prospect of a boiler breakdown, especially during the winter months, adds to the growing concerns of homeowners and landlords alike, which in many instances sees them take out more expensive insurance policies they perhaps otherwise should have.

Modern boilers typically cost an average of around £2,500 that provide central heating and hot water removing the need for a separate hot water storage tank and saving people £250 annually on energy bills and proving much more efficient to their old-fashioned unit equivalents.

According to some surveys, although a vast majority would continue to take out and renew their policies, the uncertainty was around premium increases and whether they were value for money. It’s been reported that some auto renewals have risen by 20%.

But do policies like this have to be expensive? No. Through our network we have connected with the best providers currently available, aiming to homeowners and landlords as much possible. Your Repair are offering boiler cover from just £9p/month and you can find their details here.


Source: thecoexperts

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