LRS announces the launch of new property portal for investors to buy/sell

LRS announces the launch of new property portal for investors to buy/sell

rybec rightyieldLandlord Referencing Services in association with Property Tribes is pleased to announce the launch of RIGHTYieldUK, a new niche portal for investors to buy and sell property.

A favourite U.K. property mantra is “Location! Location! Location!”, but this is only applicable to owner occupiers.

Investors have a different mindset that is not necessarily focused on geographic location of a property. Their mantra is “Yield! Yield! Yield” and they will consider buying anywhere in the U.K. if the numbers stack up.

RIGHTYieldUK was created by landlords for landlords to provide a market place for investment properties where yield is paramount and where niche investments could be searched on, rather than just location.

RightYieldUK’s detailed search allows you to source niche investments from tenanted properties to HMO’s, creating a bespoke solution for investors looking to sell and those looking to buy.

If you have a property suitable for investment to sell, we charge £149.00 to list it on RighYieldUK.

LRS Member Savings Coupon for RightYieldUK – Click here to read on.

This is a particularly attractive option for people with tenanted properties or unmortgageable properties, as these types of investments are more likely to sell to an investor and/or cash buyer and can mean a seamless transaction, with no void periods while the sale is going through to completion.

You can also list entire portfolios for sale.

Traffic will be driven from both LRS and Property Tribes, ensuring that the RIGHT eyeballs see your property listing, increasing the chance of a sale.

Make RIGHTYieldUK your daily on-line destination to buy or sell properties that YIELD.

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