How to Protect Your Rental Property While Your Tenants Are on Holiday

How to Protect Your Rental Property While Your Tenants Are on Holiday

There’s nothing in the agreement between yourself and your tenants stating that they must stay home 24/7. The people that you rent your property out to can and will go on holiday at some point in the year — they may even head out on vacation at various points in the year.

When your tenants do decide to leave your property unattended for a number of days at a time, you should take it upon yourself to protect it. Doing this is in the best interests of everybody involved.

Here’s what you need to do when undertaking such a task:

First and foremost, get insured

Before your tenants even move into your property, let alone start planning their next big getaway, you should take out landlord insurance. This will see your household belongings remain covered in the event of theft, fire, or flooding, all three of which are more likely to occur without your tenants being there to deter them. Remember, however, that your specific landlord insurance won’t cover your tenant’s belongings, and it is always best to remind them of this fact.

Make sure the property appears to be occupied

As mentioned, your property is going to be more susceptible to theft while your tenants aren’t there to deter it. You should take it upon yourself, then, to perform this deterring, the best way to do so being to ensure that the property appears to be occupied at all times. You can do this by setting timers that will see your property’s lighting come on at certain times in the evening. This will simulate the way in which your tenants use the lighting in the property and, thus, make it appear that they are home.

Something else that you should do is get your tenants to cancel or postpone their regular deliveries, just to ensure that a backlog of leaflets and items doesn’t litter their postbox — if they aren’t willing to do this, then you should take it upon yourself to clear their postbox or doorstep for them while they are away.

Ensure that the alarm system is set

Making sure that your tenants set your property’s alarms before they set off is of the utmost importance. If you don’t trust them to perform this all-important task, then, quite simply, shortly after they set off, go and set the alarms yourself. By not doing so, you will play right into the hands of all the burglars that seek to break an entry into your property.

If you don’t know the security code that is used to turn the alarm on and off, make sure to get it from your tenants before they head off on their holiday. They can always change it once they get back if they don’t feel comfortable with you knowing it.

Keeping the house or flat that you rent out safe while it is left unattended is one of the most important jobs you have as a landlord, for both your and your tenant’s sake. Following the advice laid out above, then, is vital.

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