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Legionella Awareness Day | 30th August 2017

30 August, 20170 Comments
Reported cases of Legionnaires Disease have increased by 35% this year alone. In England and Wales, 80 people have died from the disease in the last five years, not including those that were left seriously ill or with effects on long-term health. This silent killer is EASILY preventable – Which is why today Tenant Referencing
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Property Tax is Getting to Be Taxing for Landlords

01 March, 20170 Comments
While the general rule regarding the law and tax in particular is that ignorance is no excuse, it’s easy to see why many buy-to-let landlords have been left confused and concerned over a flurry of recent tax changes.  Here is a brief explanation of the three key changes and what they mean. Stamp duty surcharge
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My agent uses another referencing company, can I use your referencing instead?

10 November, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii My agent uses another referencing company who don’t supply Tenant Histories.  I don’t feel that the referencing they offer is in my best interests, but I still want them to manage my properties. So is it possible for me to use your service as an ad-on to their basic referencing? Samii says Yes
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Can we have 4 different guarantors?

23 September, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii I’m applying for a house-share with 3 friends and just wondered if it’s possible to have 4 different guarantors for the same property? Samii says Yes, it is possible.  Be sure to discuss this further with your landlord, as each guarantor will need to be referenced separately. Have you got a tenant referencing question? Then simply
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As a PhD student, please can you clarify some points regarding your referencing form?

07 September, 20161 Comments
Dear Samii I am a prospective tenant who has been asked to complete a referencing application with you. I am uncertain as to how some of the sections apply to my situation so am getting in touch to request clarification. I am a DPhil (or PhD) candidate at the University of Oxford, moving into a flat
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Tenant Histories: I wish to request the data that you might have for me…

26 August, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii As detailed on your website, I wish to request the data that you might have for me. I recently left a flat and was in dispute with the agency about their refusal to fix the heating in the flat. There was no rent outstanding or damage to the property. I attach a photo
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Applicant has no email or internet facilities – Can you reference them?

18 August, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii We have an applicant who has no email, internet or scanning facilities.  How can you carry out the referencing process on them? Samii says Invariably, there are many ways around this scenario. Most applicants that do no have internet access can either use a public library or they will often know of someone,
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What is an AST?

05 August, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii What is an AST?… Samii says AST is short for ‘Assured Shorthold Tenancy’, which is the most common form of tenancy in the private rented sector. A tenancy can be an AST if all of the following apply: you’re a private landlord or housing association the tenancy started on or after 15 January
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