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the tenant referencing networkingWe can tell you about a bad tenant before they even get to your viewing!  is the only company in the UK today that will send you an email within 1 hour of a rogue tenant leaving their last landlord.

Tenant alerts are the most powerful tool that we have, as professional landlords ourselves, they stop bad tenants moving into your property and also stop your bad tenants deceiving another member landlord or agent who is in your network community

They are free (once you have activate your LRS account), legal and the best way to protect your property, income and pension from habitually bad tenants.
It is also an excellent way to keep your good tenants safe and happy.

Most bad tenants manage to gain access to a new property after leaving their last landlord because their default or property damage was just not registered in time to stop them.

Here’s an example from Paul’s personal experience;

“A lady left me owing £1,611.00.”

Her boyfriend, a bailiff, said they could not afford to pay me the money and if I did not take them to court and register a CCJ they would leave that day without any problems.
They knew it was a deal that I would have to take because they knew just getting rid of them would save me a massive headache and losses if I needed to evict them through a court.

It appears they had done this many times before and landlords seemed, as I was, happy to absorb the loss in exchange for getting the property back, intact and able to rent again.

As soon as they walked out the door I registered them on and to no surprise got a call 4 hours later from a letting agent in Bristol who asked if I could give a reference on the lady.

This was because as he had searched our systems after receiving the tenant alert and it was the same lady.

Their story to him was that her husband had caught her out after having a relationship with the bailiff and “she had fled for her life, as her husband was very violent.”  She was credit checked and had a score of 822 = very low risk.  She was elegant and very presentable and worked for the same company as her boyfriend, so all tenant references were fine. No previous landlord was given for a tenant reference because she was living with her husband in their new house which they had been in for 6 months and the husband was the mortgagor.

She had gotten a clean get away until I registered her at

The agent asked me what had happened and I told him the full story.

I heard from the agent later, who said he had confronted her and she was totally taken aback and started swearing and cursing at him, saying what we did was illegal and we would be hearing from her solicitor.
Needless to say, we never did hear from her solicitor and better still they didn’t get that flat from the member agent.

It would have been interesting if they had tried to take me to court for defamation of character because not only could I have proved my allegations were true, but I could also have counter claimed for the £1,611.00 and I would not have incurred any court fees.

Complying with ICO rules and regulations, we keep;

  • National Tenant Alerts live on the website for up to 3 months.
  • Local Tenant Alerts live on the website for up to 2 months.

All tenant uploads are kept on our systems for 6 years, so don’t worry about missing an important tenant alert – as you can simply Search our Lifestyle Referencing Database ; as long as you have the relevant data about that tenant to search for them.
Alert Geography

Our tenant alerts are broken down into 13 areas;

Scotland (SC)
Northern Ireland (NI)
North West (NW)
North East (NE)
Yorkshire & Humber (YH)
West Midlands (WM)
East Midlands (EM)
East (E)
Greater London (L)
South East (SE)
Wales (W)
South West (SW)
Channel Islands (CI)











Below is an example of the full tenant alert you will be able to view when logged into


Mr John Smith | NW/SJ/110411


Mr John Smith

Rent Default £9,000 Damages £5,000

If your new applicant tenant matches the name above you must carry out a search against them and immediately reference them with their previous landlord and/or Letting Agent. If it is a positive “match” we will send you this tenants last landlords details, even if they have not disclosed them to you. As you are aware does not send out any tenants DOB or NINO’s as a circular but will supply you with the previous landlord, who you can obtain a reference directly from.


So if the name matches your applicant tenant then you should carry out a Lifestyle Reference immediately; to access the tenant’s last landlord’s details in order to take a reference – and then we advise that you accompany this reference with either a basic or detailed Equifax Financial History Report.

You can tell other landlords about your bad tenants and we can tell you about other landlords bad tenants before they even get to you.

Find out more about us by watching our first, short mainstream TV advert HERE.

Prevention is better than cure.
Working hard to protect good landlords, letting agents and tenants from reckless, rogue tenants & to achieve a comfortable and quiet life for ourselves, our families & our futures.

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